Nate's 2020 Checkpoint SL5

Nate's 2020 Checkpoint SL5

Nate's 2020 Checkpoint SL5

From Trek:

Checkpoint is the only bike you’ll ever need. It’s our most versatile model ever, designed for gravel but fully capable of so much more. Whether you’re riding for fun, commuting to work, or you’re just getting into gravel riding, Checkpoint does it all. Not sure where your adventure is headed? Hop on Checkpoint. And remember—roads are really just suggestions. The true adventure begins where the pavement ends.

From Nate:

If I could only have one bike, it would definitely be this one. After logging over 7400 miles on this beast I can confidently say that, with the correct tire setup, I can take this bike and have fun on almost any adventure. From the sandy shores of Lake Michigan to rocky Midwest gravel; Over smooth blacktop, dirt or chunky Ozark back roads, we have seen almost everything together.

Trek Checkpoint 2020

Nate has raced his Checkpoint all over the Midwest, even stealing a few podium spots along the way. He plans to keep adding miles and hauling his Checkpoint to races in 2020 if they ever happen. In the end, riding bikes should be fun and the Checkpoint definitely doesn't disappoint.

Checkpoint 2020 Gravel